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Art video on the COVID-19 Pandemic (from Scientific Emotions by TakT)

The virtual art installation “Scientific Emotions” is conceived as a psychological and scientific art experience that is meant to invite its audience into an exploration of human emotions and sentiment. Scientific Emotions brings forth a combination of scientifically created elements and the study and implementation of scientific theory on brainwave frequencies through the vehicle and expression of an artistic audiovisual medium. 

This emotion was greatly influenced and colored by the recent world wide pandemic of COVID 19.

Visual data shown in science generally appears as a form of evidence for various hypotheses, not as art that can connect to the emotional psyche of a human. Scientific Emotions aims to change this first purpose and to highlight the poetic aspect of scientific data by using them as symbols and underlay them into an artistic composition.

Once the songs were composed with the added layers of binaural beats and isochronic tones, TakT used artificial intelligence which studied the harmonic frequencies of each “emotion”. TakT proceeded to direct and manipulate the AI to interface and sculpt each songs' harmonic resonances for further clarity.

TakT: TakT is the collaboration between science artists Adèle Tilouine (Visual director, Paris, France) and Tyler Kaufman (Sound director, Los Angeles, USA/Paris France). TakT aims to create philosophical art experiences with the help of new technologies, interactive installations and science. Through a shared philosophy that guides their path of creativity, the interdisciplinary process of Kaufman and Tilouine sculpts the creation of their audiovisual collaboration. In their collaboration, TakT takes multiple scientific theories and data out of their context to recontextualize, poeticize and transform them into artistic experiences. The art experiences in turn attempts to explore the humanities and the internal psyche of the mind. TakT is the result of this interdisciplinary and international exploration.

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A Special thanks: TisBIO Lab (UGSF Team ), Lille University, France Team UMR 8198 (Evolution Ecologie Paléontologie), Lille University Turku PET Centre and Department of Psychologie (Team of Pr Lauri Nummenmaa), Turku University, Finland Pr. Salah El Mestikaoui, McGill University, Canada Bill Barminski.